Body Transformation is a leading edge approach to

  • releasing chronic pain, tension and imbalance in the body
  • healing mind/body splits and
  • helping to restore connection, alignment and presence.

Body Transformation releases and re-aligns the myo-fascia (the connective tissue surrounding the muscles) in a structured process that works sequentially and systematically over several sessions.Deep tissue structural release is combined with some of the current research and practises from mind body healing therapies – generative trance, mindfulnesses, neuroscience and psychotherapy,  enabling your sessions to be a real mind body soul experience.

Our bodies tell our stories through our posture, through our muscle tone and our physical patterns, through our body gestures, facial expressions and physical sensations. Our bodies communicate our lived experience, both our present and our past.

Mind body healing occurs when we develop a mindful awareness of our body sensations and physical patterns, our emotions and emotional memory and our thoughts and beliefs. Cultivating this awareness as a practise and accessing the transformational resources of the deep creative unconscious in a deepened state can bring about healing and re-alignment within our bodies and our lives. Psychoacoustic background music is used to aid this mind-body communication, release and integration.

As your body relaxes and releases, a greater flow of energy, an increased capacity for breath and movement, and an improved feeling of wellbeing is possible. New, life-affirming beliefs and behaviours can arise with a mindful realigning of your posture and a deeper connection to self and the world is possible.

Each session is an invitation for your body to communicate – in its own way and at its own pace – to release stored tension and body memory, to access your body’s own inner wisdom, and to re-align.

kairava counselling deep tissue massage

“How will you know the difficulties of being human if you’re always flying off to blue perfection

Where will you plant your grief seeds?

We need ground to scrape and hoe not the sky of unspecified desire.” Rumi

kairava-counselling-deep-tissue-massage-015“The body is the physical life of the soul.” Thomas Moore

“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your bible, your encyclopaedia, your life’s story.” Gabrielle Roth

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